Welcome to Adventure!

Just another blog about the adventures of a small family traveling by land (van) and by sea (boat). I started this blog during the pandemic - We had only one car and I was getting a bit stir crazy on the weekends. I decided to purchase a mini-van and went about converting it into a camper van so I could go out and experience the world - locally at least. After a handful of magical trips, I realized that my memories of these trips were precious and then were all starting to blend together. I wanted a way to capture these memories so I could revisit them in the future. While I was capturing the memories, I figured I might as well share them with friends and family - so I started this blog. Once I got going, I also went back through old photos and journals and tried to add some of my older trips too - again, so all my memories could find their place.

Without further commentary, if we are gone somewhere - Here’s how to find us!

I also created a series of videos on my van and on our boat - the two primary vehicles for our adventures. As the blog expanded, I included some trips we took via plane/train, but the boat and the van are still where most of the magic happens.

###Our van### I purchased the van in late 2020 and inmediately took it on a trip - during which we froze. Every two weeks after that trip, we went somewhere new - and made improvements every time. By mid 2021, we had experienced 3 seasons and things were mostly dialed in. Here are two quick videos of where we ended up - of course we will continue to make improvements but this should hopefully give you some idea of what it’s like.

This is the van setup when we head out on an adventure:

This is how the van is setup when it’s time for bed:

###Our boat### In August 2022, we purchased a Catalina 34 sailboat. It had always been a dream of mine to own a sailboat - All of the worlds oceans are connected, and this was a vehicle that could take us anywhere. Obviously, a 34 foot sailboat isn’t ideal of crossing big oceans, but it’s the concept really… :)

I spend the rest of 2022 and the first part of 2023 getting the boat to a place where we would be comfortable for long periods of time. In June 2023, we left for a trip up the inside passage to Alaska - anticipating it taking 4-5 months to do. A real adventure!

###The rest of it### I also thought it would be helpful for me on future trips to capture things like packing lists and notes on campsites/anchorages along the way. This is both an expanding list and a constantly updated list as we explore places in different seasons and different weather and learn what we really need and don’t need for our adventures.

Finally, I thought this blog would be a good place to capture small memories - like funny things that Sara says - and allow me some creative indulgence.